Lean on | K yo Maya Ho - Mashup - | Cover by Deeksha J Thapa / Chintu | Me & My Guitar | S03 E03

2016-06-16 01:35 2546.1K

Me and My Guitar is a show where we bring new but talented artist, take them to an outdoor location and Shoot their performance as we record them live. So the show is as raw as it gets. For the Third Session we have Vocals - Deeksha J Thapa https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?... Vocals - Chintu Rimal https://www.facebook.com/chinturimal?... Hari Gurung in Guitar. Director/Concept : Anup Sapkota/Nattu Shah Editor : Anup Sapkota D.O.P. : Javed.Khan.Arbitrary Cinematographer/Colorist : Revenge.Bhatta.Arbitrary Copyright.arbitraryproductions.2016

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