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Watch Horror Movie "Andhera"...................................................... Synopsis:Deepak (Sameer) drives car & tries to race Asha's (Vani Ganpathy) car. Her brother asks him to become his driver seeing his driving skills. He joins & then Deepak & Asha fall in love with each other. Her brother Ranjeet's partners tell Deepak to be away from Asha but he does not listen. One day Asha becomes pregnant & when Ranjeet comes to know about Deepak, he & his partner cut Deepak's hands & make him handicapped. They send Asha to some other place. Now Deepak is very sad & his mother does everything for him. Seeing his condition his mother goes to Ranjeet to ask help but Ranjeet's partners bisbehave with her & Deepak. Deepak's mother commits suicide. Deepak then in a night gets artificial hands & kills one partner. When Asha comes to know about Deepak's accident she comes to him & Deepak's brother gets them married. But every night Deepak goes & kills Ranjeet's partners one by one with the help of Ranjeet's secretary. Deepak's brother catches the secretary & then comes to know that Deepak is doing all the killings. He goes to catch him but is met with an accident. In the end Deepak kills Ranjeet also & then he dies. Star Cast:Sameer,Vani Ganpathy,Surender,Imtiaz,Krishan Dhawan, Satyendra Kappu,Shekhar Purohit,ARvind Pandya,Kumud Tripathi, Mukri,Bhagwan,Tun Tun,Kuku,Madhu,Helen,Major Anand, Director:Tulsi Ramsay & Shyam Ramasay Producer: F.U.Ramsay Music:Sonik Omi Lyricist: Gulshan Bawra Singers: Kishore Kumar,Asha Bhosle, Year:1975 Genre: Horror,Suspence For More Entertaining Movies Do Subscribe To Our Channel :

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